What the Bed Bug Outbreak Teaches Us

Generating news coverage and reports of pest related drama are all sorts of natural events. Throughout the years, the different historical perspectives, insights and discoveries about everything from the plague to the American civil war have involved pests and their management. Diseases, medical procedures and the manner in which we culturally adapt to handle other humans have all been influenced by the pests around us. And yet, the news coverage which highlights the lives, the inner workings, and the capabilities of the insects and pests around us is few and far between. Deep within the bed bug epidemic was a great deal of fear, and the news coverage which surrounded the entire event helped to heighten the public understanding of the bed

How to deal with specific pests based on species

Knowing the various species and families of pests can be the first step that helps a pest control technician pick the right treatment. However, understanding the environment being treated is just as important and helpful. A technician who is well educated on the impacts of chemical selection can bring different tools to the table when they are called for. For instance, in a home environment where there are small children, leaving particulate or pellet treatment is not advised unless it is secured against the children. Getting started... Even the parent’s assurance that the children could not access or reach the chemical is not enough to assure the professional technician that the family will be safe following the treatment. The safety of the family

How to grow your pest control business?

Making a profit in the pest control business can seem like a never ending battle. With regulatory pressures, new demands from clients, and associated costs that keep mounting, there seems to be nothing left over for the business owner. Setting goals and objectives The risk and the reward can seem sadly unbalanced at times. Not to mention the dedicated and hardworking employees who stay with your firm year after year, and deserve increased compensation. Your goal as a business person was not to starve to death. You wanted to be a jobs creator and you wanted to bring people comfort that pests would not be in their way. You had goals and dreams for your pest management business and now is the time