How to grow your pest control business?

Making a profit in the pest control business can seem like a never ending battle. With regulatory pressures, new demands from clients, and associated costs that keep mounting, there seems to be nothing left over for the business owner.

Setting goals and objectives


The risk and the reward can seem sadly unbalanced at times. Not to mention the dedicated and hardworking employees who stay with your firm year after year, and deserve increased compensation.

Your goal as a business person was not to starve to death. You wanted to be a jobs creator and you wanted to bring people comfort that pests would not be in their way. You had goals and dreams for your pest management business and now is the time to revisit those goals and dreams.

Understanding your business model


If your pest control business is struggling to make ends meet, or you’re just not clearing enough margin to get ahead, this is the time to stop and take another look at your business model. Consider that most pest control businesses operate on a marketing intense budget cycle, and require eighteen months to realize payback from an investment in a marketing platform.

Even if your business is established and benefits from a well-known brand in your area there is no reason to sit on your laurels with a marketing cycle of that length. Constantly investing in your marketing is key to keeping your business, much less growing it.

Building a foundation and getting clients


For many business owners, reconciling this ongoing cost with the slim margins that the pest management industry enjoys today is laughable. Why bring in more net zero clients? The difference between your high margin client and your low margin client is going to be the type of service you offer.

Make sure that you are designing your packages in a cost effective and future proof way. Keep your costs contained, and if that’s not possible make sure that you have the option to increase your pass throughs. In other words, act like a business person and you will be rewarded.

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