Pest control specialists, technicians, business owners, research scientists and enthusiasts alike all subscribe to Lots Ofco. We are the leading source of information for much of the pest control and related industries. We are so honored to provide the pest control business with the information it needs to decide on its next steps that we take our reporting very seriously.

News doesn’t hit our online magazine until it has been confirmed by two sources, in true journalistic style. We enjoy reporting on successes of our members, and different business news of personal interest, but our real goal is to make sure that critical pest control information is circulated freely on the internet.

Monthly Publication

Our magazine is published monthly. In the intervening weeks, our members enjoy different forums, practical tutorials, access to videos and a library of pest control networking information. Historical tributes and honorariums are listed as people exit the business. Different family traditions and area customs are outlined and a wealth of knowledge about pest families and species can be found on the site. The possibilities are endless for the pest control professional.

For the business owner, the chance to train employees in the best safety practices, to stay aware of human resources and risk management strategies that impact the industry, and to have a reliable source for the next destination for the next key pest – these are the tools you need to run your business well and with foresight.

Becoming a Subscriber

Become a subscriber to Lots Ofco today and you will get a free month added to your plan. This gives you thirteen months for the price of twelve. It also gives you a chance to try out our Platinum forum for free. This area is restricted to our paid members, and generally is not available to members who have not been with us for over twelve months.

Special exceptions are made during this promotional period, however, and entering the Platinum forum can help you launch your business to a whole new level!

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